Monday, December 27, 2010

Such a Perfect Day

Well I was back from retirement, but then again, it was the season of craziness and merriment which subsequently resulted in a relapse of my blogging retirement. However, I am coming back full force this time with some actual entertainment. Though it was merely 6 months ago, my wedding day seems in so many ways like a lifetime ago. Perhaps it's snow on the ground, my glaring ivory skin in the mirror or simply the fact that my life has changed in almost every way, but I feel like that June day, as wonderful as it was, is a more faded memory than I would like.

For this reason, I was absolutely thrilled (seriously jumping up and down) when our wedding video came in the mail on Christmas Eve's eve... if you're following me. As my family snuggled in and pressed play after opening gifts, I was both excited and tense. You know that feeling of listening to yourself on your  voicemail... you know, the kind that sends a cringe across your face and chills down your back? Well, I certainly had that feeling. And admittedly, Chad and I squeezd eachother's hands tightly in a both loving and uncomfortable way while watching ourselves on the "big screen." Still, completely masking the unavoidable temptation I had to cover my eyes on the close-up shots was an even greater feeling of awe and excitement as I observed the skill and magic of Jeffrey Holland and his team at Full Frame Cinema.

Honestly, when planning my wedding, the video was at the bottom of my list of priorities. My mom, however, convinced me of its importance. While watching this video, I realized my Mom was right... dead on. Each shot was like watching all of my beautiful pictures come to life, helping me to remember the bliss of the day in a way I couldn't have imagined. I think one day, my little girls will gush over this. I can hear it now. "Mommy... Daddy.... ewwww you're kissing. Look at CiCi! Was that your puppy?"

Thank you, Jeffrey. For the rest of you, enjoy. Below is the link to the first chapter of the video :)

*depending on your computer, it may take a moment to buffer. like 10 minutes, whomp whomp

Friday, December 3, 2010

Back From Retirement

For the two of you out there that still check my blog, thank you. I am impressed and apologize for my absence. I know a certain dodo will be especially excited to have some entertainment during his last few hours on a Friday afternoon. What can I say, I aim to please.

Rather than composing a short novel detailing the last 2 months of our lives, I will simply provide you with a photo montage of recent happennings. October, November and the first few weeks of December have been very fun and full months of celebrations and family time.

Just so you all know, I do plan to once again attend to my blog. I think the inital logging on was the hardest part. Check back regularly for more strange and sorted thoughts and stories about Fuson Family Fun. Now that we are in the swing of the holiday season, I'm sure I will have many tales to tell.

Excuse the quality of these. most were taken from my phone...

SJ's Bachy

Chad's Bday

Celeb Baby Timbo Wiles comes over for dinner!

And the other pictures arent loading. Check Back Soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall at the Fusons

Ah Friday (my Sunday), how I love you though you have new meaning to me. Yes, in my world Friday now equals Sunday, Wednesday is Friday, and I feel like I work 7 days a week. I will say, however, that I. love. my. job. This week has been a little extra crazy and yes, I am about to go into the office on my "off" day, but hey, busy is fun, and a 2pm start time isn't too much to handle. In the Fuson household, fall is off to a great start, and I will go ahead and speak for the mister (because that's what all good wives do) and say that we couldnt be happier. Since I've been m.i.a and many of you have been complainging, allow me to fill you in.

I believe the last time we spoke, I had just returned from a fun-filled bday weekend. Since then, I have been enjoying some of the wonderful presents given to me by some pretty special people. Not only did my beloved Linz Binz come in town, as mentioned in previous posts, but with Kady Day, brought me one of the best presents ever! Pictured below, my new lulu lemon jacket, is comfy and fabulous. For those of you who have neevr worn lulu lemon gear, it can be purchased at Pure Barre in Green Hills and Bwood and instantly makes you look about 15 lbs thinner. I wear it when I work out, go to the grocery store, and eat pizza :)

Pure Barre Buds

One of my other favorite gifts was from the mister. I love boots. Anyone who knows me, knows this. While my Frye riding boots whill always hold a special, timeless place in my heart, these new Vince Camuto boots, witht their masculine appeal, pair nicely with my new pocketless cargo pants and provide a nice contrast to more girly dresses. Thanks Dodo :)

And since we picked these out a little before the actual bday, I got a new fabulous bathrobe too. Call me a grandma, I LOVE my boots and my bathrobe.

Now, from the mama... and dad, I suppose, some homey goods!! For the first time in my life, my eye is being drawn more towards items for my walls than my closet. Ok, it's more like 50/50, but this year I was thrilled to recieve new wall sconces from the Ruckarts and some additions to my Arte Italica china collection from Fusons and Thompsons. So far, in decorating our little abode, I have enjoyed tranforming the bachelor pad into a home for us both. Luckily, Chad and I share similiar tastes... the skull mount is even going on the main wall in the den this weekend.

I love mirrors. I hate this chandelier.

Arte Italica in Pewter. Gorgeous.

Yes, the month of September was full of fun and celebrations, but I love all fall has to offer and cannot get enough of these perfect temperatures. Whether it's a drive out in the country or an evening of watching football with friends, the Fusons are having a ball. Come visit soon, I'll break out the china! (ehhh, I hesistate to use the words break and china in the same sentence)

New pumpkin trees from Kroger.Those are real, mini-pumpkins. adorable. And yes, that is a tree stand in my living room. Welcome to fall at the Fusons! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Party Is OVER

Well, last weekend was epic. Seriously, it could've been the funniest time of my entire life. I am too lazy today to properly document the festivities, so I'll just sum it up in a quick play-by-play format. Perhaps pictures will make this even more simple. Give me a second, I'll upload...

OK, in the meantime I will give you a brief synopsis. Thursday, Linz comes to town, which is ALWAYS a good time. Love my Linz. Then, Saturday, my bday, was absolutely perfect. The weather was gorgeous. All of my teams won, the hotdogs came sizzling off the grill, and yes, fall was finally in the air. In my little world, nothing can beat having a group of my friends congregate at the lake. I don't know if it's all the windows or the endless supply of food that always seems to exist up there, but my family's lakehouse is my favorite place in the whole world. With most of my closest friends under one roof, I couldnt have been happier. The Fusons won all of our corn-hole games, too, so that was the icing on the birthday cake :)

As I'm sure you've gathered from previous posts, there are babies, babies, everywhere! All those little schmooschy faces, though, certainly added to the fun of the day. Not to mention, I was very impressed with those of my friends who drove all the way to Smithville with their diaper bags, pack and plays... oh, and not to mention, breast pumps. yikes.

After a delicious dinner on Saturday, the games began winding down and our group decided to explore the town of Smithvegas. For those of you who are not Center Hill regulars, you may not know the wonders that this town has to offer. I mean.... theyve got a Walmart, a Dairy Queen, and a Sonic. Yep, that's about it. SJ, though, being my bestie that she is, strongly suggested we go to this watering hole that we see regularly on our way down to the dock. With less than a few other options, we took her advice.


Kareoke soon ensued and we could NOT get enough. Every member of our group sang atleast 5 songs. Highlights included Dillon and Chad's rendition of "Family Tradition," the girls' tribute to Carrie Underwood and "Before He Cheats," Dillon's several solos, and the entire group's smash hit "Friends In Low Places," always a crowd favorite. Yes, we made a few friends along the way. I only wish we  had more pictures of AAron, Amy, Curtis, Kimmy and of course, the infamous Terry. Ahhhhh with their mullets, tank tops, and breathe right strips, they truly made our night. I wish I could explain, but my futile efforts just wouldnt suffice. Phew. Pictures are ready!
Linz in town :)

Maggie's Landing

jay with our new friend Aaron.

with Terry!

Singing Happy Birthday! I love my friends.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BAM, BAM Thank You Mam

Woah guys, I. am. on. a. roll. 3 posts in one week? Epic. What a week. Whaaattttt a week.

It all strated Friday... da da dum.

So, im hanging out at home, you know, cooking, cleaning writing thank you notes... or so I like to tell the story, when all of the sudden BAM! My phone is dunzo. Ok, perhaps my storytelling lingers on the dramatic today, but so be it. For those of you who have a job, especially one in which you need to be reached at all hours of the day and night, you sympathize with my plight. PhoneLESS equals stressFUL! The mister arrives home just as my own head steams as hot as the enchillada casserole in the oven. Being the sweet, helpful and mostly-smart man that he is, he tells me to head on to Verizon while he waits on dinner and takes it over to the Frid's, who were sitting around waiting on us and the casserole :(

Driving without a phone, nay BEING without a phone, is a very strange, yet liberating thing. Coasting down the road I feel confused... what do I do with my hands?!? Sorry mom :) So, I am thrilled to see that the new Bwood Verizon is open. Ok, let's make this short and sweet. The place was empty. Hooray. Wait... it's empty because they are completely incapable of doing ANYthing there. So, I drive to the Cool Springs Verizon, aka the 7th cirlce of hell, wait for 30 minutes, and am then told I cant get a new phone until Wednesday. As I climbed back into my car, I had tears in my eyes. Then I realized, it was time to get a grip.

Thankfully, my phone decided to partially begin functioning later in the night. For the past 5 days I have been without the ability to type a "j, k, f, 0, or send." While it has been frustrating, it has definitely made for some comical bbm convos. I sound like an asian nail tech at all times as, "I lie everything so much." ha

In other news...

I actually left work promptly at 5:00pm on Monday. Proud of myself, I jammed to some Outkast and started down Mount Juliet Road to avoid interstate traffic. Again... BAM!!! This time, I'm using the term literally. Wait... how did I just hit the car infront of me... I was stopped?! Dazed, I got out of my car in the scorching afternoon sun to survey the situation. There we were, me and the caddy sandwiched in the middle of these two wimpy cars with way worse damage. First things first. I asked the man infront of me, "Sir, are you ok? Im so sorry, they hit me and..."

Quickly, in an aggitated tone, "yea, yea, Im fine. I gotta go."

Looking at his severely damaged bumper, I hesitated but then tried to stop him... to absolutely no avail. He waasOUT of there. Note: **Drving without insurance is apparently not cool even if the accident wasnt your fault. Seeing as how he wouldnt be footing my bill anyway, I shrugged it off and walked behind my car. There stood a 60-yr-old, blonde, gretchen wilson and her jimmy buffet boy toy. Almost giggly, she apologized, and we quickly assured each other that we were fine. Ok, Ok, I think to myself. You gotta call the cops before these people bolt too. Anyone out there ever had that dream where you need to call 911 but you can't dial the number??? Well, 862-8600 is pretty tricky too without a "6." Remember...broken phone...dang.

"Um, hey, mam, do ya'll have a phone?"

"Awww, honey, yeaaa, somewhere, I think, I so sorry we were just feedin eachother and not payin no attention." And, she continues to digress. TMI, lady. Fine. I'll go into the gas station and use their's. After about 20 minutes on hold with the cops, I tell them our location and walk back outside. Gretchen's still chillin by her car but Jimmy's walkin off somewhere behind the service station. I don't give it much thought.

Finally, about 45 minutes pass and the second cop, the one who can actually do something besides babysit the scene, appears on the scene. After exchanging all of the necessary info, he begins to survey my damage, noting scracthes and my damaged bumper.

"Um, sir, just for your notes, there is damage to my front bumper too."

"Why? Did you hit something?!"

"Um, yes, I told the other cop. It was him, me and those two." Looking back, I notice Jimmy's still apparently hiding behind the gas station... but whatever. About this time a third car pulls up and a nicely dressed man gets out, walks over, and introduces himself to the officer.

"Hello officer, I'm Mr. Blank." Pointing at Gretchen, "Yea, her husband."

Immediately, I turn red in the face. Did he just say "her husband?" I guess with her hideous, electric blue seabring totalled, she needed a ride home? yikes. Could her long-haired, 40-something beau not have called them a cab, a friend, anyone?!??

Me- "Uhhhhh, officer, can I return to my vehicle?????" The rest is history, but let's just say that miss giggly turned into tears, and I wanted to get the H out of there. Later that night, Chad and I were sitting on the porch when he swore he heard a rustle in the trees and suggested I go into witness protection. haha,,, but seriously.

So yea, those are my stories for the week. Neither life-altering or really even that entertaining, but sometimes you've just got to vent. I feel much better having let all of that off my chest. At the end of the day, though, nothing can get me down. It is my golden birthday week and the celebrations begin tomorrow!!! On Saturday, all of my friends are going up to the lakehouse to watch football, grill out and play cornhole. perfection :) I cannot wait. I'm also happy because my husband is adorable. He had to travel to the ATL last night for business. I spent the evening at my sister's, but had this on my pillow when I crawled in bed at home. Love him. Looooove him :)

I miss you too, dodo. Now to get my nails painted GOLD :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So Many Celebrations, So Little Time, Oh My!

This past weekend was utterly fabulous! Within one Saturday night, the hubby and I set out to celebrate 3 significant occasions. First, we reminisced upon the excitement of a year ago by eating a picnic dinner at the Parthenon. Blanket and all, we sat in the exact spot he proposed last Sept 18th and fine-dined on Wendys and champagne. ha. About half-way through the meal, I decided that no dinner could represent our relationship anymore... fancy and low-maintenance :)

Next, we traveled out to Kingston Springs for the much-anticipated Welcome Home party for Timothy Ryan Wiles. How perfect that two years in a row, September 18th marked a celebratory occasion for our family! Wrapped in blankies and cooing at CiCi's funny faces, Timbo was a wonder to watch. More updates on the Wiles family to come...

Lastly, Chad and I went back down town to play with some of our besties, SJ and J. Born only 5 days apart, Sarah Jane and I are always excited about eachother's birthdays, and this year couldnt be any different. J, the fiance, knows Sj too well and took her to see THE Dolly Parton at the Ryman... unbelievable. We all met up afterward, and as always, it was a hilarious/wonderful time for all.

Highlight of the night: We decided to go to Red Door and were all awkwardly gawking at this stupid "couple" standing in the middle of the crowded porch having a very-uncomfortble makeout sesh. Jay, of course, decides to video the couple, but being the gentleman that he is, rather than uploading to facebook or youtiube, walks right over to the couple. "Um... excuse me.... hey guys.... hellooooooo. I just wanted to tell yal'll that you are free to leave. Oh and by the way, this is what you look like..." PLAY. hilarious. Seriously though, people, you're in your late 20s, that's ridiculous, but thanks for the entertainment!

My lovely SJ. 25!!!!! woohoo!

Next on Venus and Mars... Beauty on a Budget....stay tuned!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

It Just Suits me Well

Though it truly seems like years ago, tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of THE most exciting day of my life. Obviously, I cannot say that this day will trump our wedding day or maybe some day in the future, BUT it was so exciting. I was shocked. Obviously I knew he wanted to marry me, but something about it actually happening, and the fact that it was just so fun and so perfect... well, it'll be hard for many days to live up to this particular one :)

A year later, our whole lives have changed. One thing that hasn't, though, is my super huge crush on this guy. Not ony do I love him in a deep, life-partner kind of way, but I can seriously say, he is still my biggest crush. I cannot imagine if one year ago, he hadn't asked me to marry him. Thanks dodo. Saying yes was the easiest decision I've ever made. I love you :)

The other night, someone asked me, "how is married life?!" After the chat, my sister who was alongside me said, "You seem so happy being married. It just seems to suit you well." Perfectly put,  I thought. While there is no magical self -contentment that innately comes with becoming a wife, i do just suits me well.

As of Late

Well, the wonderful month of September is underway, and I couldn't be happier. I take that back. The Vols couldve actually shown up for the second half of the game last week, but that's neither here nor there. Work has been going very well as of late, and Ive recently found out that Im going to be receiving a bonus iPad next month! ha. I guess Im excited, but as someone who is a little less-than-enthused by technology, I am considering a Craig's listing. BUT I also just got word that I am receiving a $500 bonus, too! Any ideas on how to spend the money??? Ive got more than a few up my sleeve :)

I know this isn't that exciting, but I tried it on the other day and it's so so comfy and the sleeves are long enough for me... big deal

I'm really into mirrored items right now

How beautiful are these?? And for only $50. I need two... asap

These are so ugly they're cute. I think they'd be perfect for walking lots with customers at work.

OK. Now, lets get real. We all know that money will be going into savings where it belongs, BUT for those of you who are still out there searching for birthday presents.... I may or may not have had ulterior motives :)

SPEAKING of birthdays. The September celebrations have officially begun. This past week we celebrated my lovely mother-in-law's big day. She seriously could not look better for turning 39, and we decided to celebrate over the course of a few nights. How cute is she?

On day two of celebrations, we had cake and ice cream with family. Brittany and I decided to match. What a fun birthday!

In other news, this week marked the beginning of BSF starting back up. Monday night was very exciting. When I pulled up to Otter Creek on Frankling Road, I honestly could not believe the line to get into the parking lot. On our first night, we had over 350 ladies. It was such a pleasure to meet my group and see many of the lovely faces from my group last year. Im pumped about studying Isaiah. You should come too! Seriously, Monday nights at 6:55, call me for deets.

Last but certainly not least, I am pleased to announce that the festivities for the Taylor/Courtney wedding are officially underway. You see, my bestie is getting married Dec 18th, and I cannot wait. She is going to make a beaaaauuuutiful bride. Last weekend, KK and I traveled up to lovely Clarksville for her first shower. It was fun to watch someone else open gifts for a change and to know that someone else will be writing those thank you notes :) 

Love you all

In closing, i will leave you with a few other pictures I had forgotten were on my camera. Most of these are from Labor Day festivities at CHL. The weekend was a huge success, and I can't wait to go back next weekend for my Golden Birthday! Have a fabulous weekend friends!

Beautiful dinner on the porch. How nice of Timbo to join us on the end :)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Helllllloooooo, September! How I love you so. Maybe it's the cooling temperatures, the sound of marching bands or the general frenzy of football season's commencement, but i. love. september. OR maybe it has a little something to do with the 25th day of this wonderful month. OK, admittedly, I am one of those girls that is obsessed with her birthday. Does that make me shallow, immature, self-obsessed??? I think not. I think this obsession makes festive!

My birthday last year was the best one yet. hands down. Only a week before, this guy I had a HUGE crush on asked me to marry him. So yes, 24 was amazing. The last year of my life has definitely been my favorite year to date. Some highlights: first comes baby lofto, we find out some of our besties, the frid's, are having a baby, weeks later i find out i will be an aunt, i start a new job that i love, life-long bestie has a baby, sisser has my perfect baby nephew, i become mrs. fuson, i move in with a boy, other life-long bestie gets engaged, baby avery comes into the world..... Yes, this is all during year 24. What a fantastic year!

While it might seem like 25 has a great deal to live up to. I'm not worried. For starters, I love being married, and that's not going anywhere. Secondly, bestie SJ's wedding will be here in a few short months. And I'm expecting babies from some other friends, Mr. and Mrs. Adcock just to get us started. Ok, ok, back to my birthday. This year, not only does my birthday fall on a Saturday night....sweet. But, I will be 25 on the 25th. Thus, this is my golden birthday! The mister will be 26 on November 26th of this year too. Pretty neato if you ask me. Gah, i just love birthdays. Let the countdown begin!!!

Some memories of birthdays past...

23rd with my sweet boyfriend (2008)

the years change, the friends don't :)

Tin Angel. yum

Fiance. 24th (2010)

Lofto on the way, Avery who? Oh what a diiference a year makes!

And Tonight...

Proof that my post from much earlier today is dead on. Look familiar??

I need to run down there in a cute hat :)

To Have and To Hold

I'm sick. Like sick sick. Like, you've heard, "sick as a dog?" Well I've never seen a dog this sick. You get the point... I'm not a happy camper. Anyways, pity is not what I'm after... though a little wouldnt hurt. I tell you this to set the scene in the Fuson home at 5am on this lovely Wednesday morning. I have been up all night, and you know what that means; we've ALL been up all night. Ahhh the joys of co-habitating in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath penthouse suite. Sure, none of us would blame the mister for hating me just a little more with each onward switch of the light, creek of the door or roar of the filling bathtub (it's the only thing that helps).. but no, my sleepy-faced little boy will just roll over, ask if there is anything he can do, perhaps try to rub my back for a millisecond, and within moments, he will resume his heavy-breathing, snort, snore, snort, sigh regimen.

Yes, being sick sucks...plainly stated. But I will say, having a care-taker, if just for fleeting moments, really does make it better... bearable at least. I got the card pictured below during a late-night Kroger run yesterday.... monday... whatever, I'm sleep deprived and confused. Anyway, the mister was going to have a pretty important morning the next day, so I wanted to make a lovely breakfast to get his day started off on an energized note. I made a yummy sausage pie (that's what I'll call it)... a recipe by the wonderful Aubrey West. I have to admit, it was gooooood. Let's be honest though, like I could mess up anything with sausage and cream cheese. yum, but I digress. I gave the mister this card with his breakfast. I don't think I have ever seen anything that depicts my realtionship with the love of my life any more. I smile everytime I look at it. The inside of the card was blank, which I always prefer. My message was short and sweet. "Thank you for taking care of me. I promise to take care of you forever." That is marriage. That has been the last few hours around here. That is how it should be... to have and to hold... on sicky, nasty nights and in health. Goodnight for me. Good-day to you all!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Changing Seasons

Literally and figuratively, the seasons are changing for me and those in my world. The low tonight in Nashville is 59... yes, 59, and all around me, life just looks a little different than even a year ago. For example, the hubby and I had tickets to the Titans pre-season game a few evenings ago, and when we were considering recipients for the other two tickets, we had to consider, "well, she has to feed every three hours...he doesnt get home from work till... they have to put the baby down at... they go to bed at..." wow. The seasons are definitely changing. To put it into musical perspective, I was driving to work yesterday when Lightning 100 played 100 Years by my beloved Foo Fighters. I hadnt heard this song in some time, and I almost got misty-eyed.. i know... to the foo fighters?? ha.

Despite the figurative growing pains that are bound to associate themselves with this point in life, I also look around me and realize that I have neevr been more happy or more content. I absolutely love being married. Chad and I have gone from two fireballs trying not to kill eachother on account of being obsessed with oneanother to two sharing, loving members of our tiny little family. Most of the time, that is; you can't take the fire out of two stubborn-heads... but i guess that's part of our initial spark. I read a blog last week by some friends that live out of state who also are somewhat of newlyweds, and I literally laughed out loud. The author, witty to begin with, documented his nightly routine that now involves watching his wife pick out her clothes for the next day and ironing them because "she just can't do it like he can." Priceless. While Mr. Fuson doesn't claim to iron, the scene seemed eerily and hilariously familiar. Oh how the ins and outs of our days have changed. In marriage, not only do your evenings consist of winding down from your own day.. but now, you must take on, and solve the issues of another. All before an 11pm bedtime! Ahhhh how it's worth it though.

So far the benefits of marriage and living with a boy have been both gratifying and unexpected! My favorite parts to date: always having shaving cream in my shower, a limitless supply of over-sized t-shirts, having a constant playmate that never has to go home, someone to watch Pawn Shop with and last but not least, a constant companion who cares about the health and well-being of my car and my finances!!! woohoo! freedom! For someone who is somewhat of a control freak (I don't feel the need to control others but need ULTIMATE, supreme control over every minute and detail of my own life) I have found marriage to be liberating and kindof breeezy (i know that's not a word, but it relays my point). Sharing life's responsibilities, big and little, what a relief. And it's even better when you're sharing it with someone who is hot hot hot.

Ok, I'd say that is more than enough for now. I feel like there are so many things I've been meaning to share, but the thougts and ideas escape more freely than they come. Therefore, I've decided to conclude with a few pictures of recent happenings. Perhaps you'll begin to see why I seem to be so struck by the changing seasons. And yes, by 59 degrees tonight... it's strange, it's new, and it's alot to handle, but I love it all!

Avery Day!

Sleeping Beauty

TRW Shower

sisser love

horrible picture, wonderful evening!