Monday, April 5, 2010

Inventions for the Exercise Challeneged

Regardless of my best attempts at masking the obvious, I. Have. Chicken. Legs. Yup. Maybe that’s why I am such a boot girl. Who knows, maybe that’s why I refused to wear shorts to school until, ohhhhhh, the 10th grade?! Thankfully, in recent years I have begun to embrace my little sticks and have even become accustomed to wearing shorts and skirts in lieu of other options. Like my mama always said, someday I would learn to appreciate my chicken legs, considering the contrary.

Well ladies, today just might be that day. You see, today I am finally trying out my new Reebok Easytones! What is that? A laugh? Are you seriously talking about those silly shoes, Katelyn? Ok, ok, ok so admittedly, I’m slightly skeptical too. But while the commercials and endless ads have initiated several incredulous expressions from my own face, first-hand testimonials have changed my mind and sent me straight to the Foot Locker. Shoes that are designed to help you build calf muscles, tone the backs of your legs and create a tightened backside!?! Sold. I mean, after all, who can refute the undeniable evidence I have seen? That’s right, after several months of conducting my own referendum of sorts, talking with various girls I see sporting the kicks and considering their testaments, I have taken the plunge. And $99 later, I’m committed to giving these puppies a try. I’ll keep you updated. From Chicken Legs to Easy Tones; My Journey From Sticks to Pipes. Who knows, considering that I'm pretty confident no male, other than Steve-O will EVER read this blog, I may even provide before and after pics. Maybe.

Kimmy K rocking some EasyTones. Who's not a sucker for a little celebrity endorsement from this lovely?

***Disclaimer. I have already found one MAJOR drawback with this product. You actually have to wear them and legitimately work out, to see results. They don’t work in the box. Crap***

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