Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Now?!

I mean... you search and search for the perfect, most unique, dress you can find and BOOM; low and behold, someone else has already worn it. Guess I'm back to the drawing boards, ladies. And I have to admit, I could never have competed with this look.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some Favs of Today

Perhaps it’s the sunshine today coupled with the fact that I’m off work, but this day seems unusually good thus far. So, in hopes of extending my good mood to you, my 5 readers, I’ve decided to compile a short list of a few things that are contributing to today's mood.

(1) I’m desperately trying to avoid my usual food theme on this list of favs, but I seriously can’t resist mentioning my favorite snack. Unlike the rest of my family, I am a salt lover. I could go the rest of my life without ice cream or chocolate. Chips, however, I need daily. Thank goooooodnees, I have now found a “healthy” chip. Ok, Pringles, you’re not fooling anyone. Not even me. But major props for at least attempting to mask the excessive calories and sodium levels with the new “multi-grain” can. Also, I think picturing them with the apples helps to promote the vague notion of "heathiness."

Truly Delicious

(2) Forever 21: Murfreesboro. If you know me, you know I love love love clothing. I undoubtedly love expensive clothes, but nothing thrills me more than a good bargain find. SO naturally, I’ve been a fan of XXI (they think they’re cool now) for years. Recently, XXI opened a new store in the 'boro, and it. is. fab. Contrary to the mess and headache of the Opry Mills local, the store is clean, relatively neat and shopper-friendly. I go weekly, and on most days, despite the occasion, you will find me donning a mixture of XXI and usually Posh or Target. Right now, I am most excited about my new linen/denim jumper! I mean, it’s shorts, it’s comfy and it’s under $25. Sold and sold.

*Excuse the mess that is my closet*

(3) Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should know this. But just incase, a reminder: I love Brittany Fuson Stationery. Sure, she is my sisser-to-be, and yes, I am undoubtedly partial, BUT her creations continue to be amazing. Over the past week or so, Brittt’s blog has been especially creative, and I encourage you to check it out (see my dashboard). If you have been under the aforementioned rock and haven’t viewed her work, get out and check out Prepare to want things.

My little BF collection

Other favorites include Easter-egg-colored nail polishes and the ENTIRE new J.Crew catalog. I seriously want everything in it. Never thought I'd say that, but it's true. Hmmmm what do I want first?!?!?!

**Oooh, oooh, one last thing I love. My dad has not only learned to access my blog but also to make "anonymous" comments. I love it. He seriously almost gave me a heart attack yesterday with his comment on the Madaam Speaker. Hilarious. I'm sincerely impressed Steve-O.**

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wedding Deets

Contrary to my original posting on this silly blog (with which my love -hate relationship has reached new bounds), I have not included any wedding details. shocker. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm not into discussing the details... about anything... I'm 100% a big-picture kind of thinker. Still, as promised, this blog is designed to "give the people what they want." Therefore, I have decided to include an image of the chairs I chose for the reception. Who would've thought I would be more excited about my chairs than just about anything else? It's just that they fit so nicely with my Modern-Southern theme. (i just made that up). Hope you like them. If  not, keep your mouth shut cause (1) it's MY wedding and (2) they're ordered!

Bamboo Chairs

In other news, I recently stumbled back upon Chad and I's first picture, taken in the lovely Sterchi lofts circa 2005? It was one of my very first Knoxville visits and was back during the time I took friends along or acted like I was going only to see Anne because, while we "liked eachother" ,Chad and I weren't totally "bf/gf".... I don't think. Oh well, looks like things are working out. While it's obviously not a really great picture of either of us, I like how we are so young and happy. Ahhhhh young love. Come June 26th, that will be my husband! Yay!!! Weird!!!
young love

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, I'd like to hype everyone up for my guest blogger ,who will be debuting later this week. I don't want to give his identity away, but he will be filling us all in on thoughts for Master's Weekend and "Tiger the Cheetah." Should be very interesting and perhaps slightly inappropriate. I'm pumped!

2010 Greatness.... And All The Reasons Why

Perhaps it’s the former journalist inside me that has made me so ancy, but more than likely it’s because I’m SO STINKIN EXCITED about the story and the pictures I’ve been forced to sit on since January. As many of you already know, more than a little excitement has been taking place in the Ruckart household over the past few months. We’ve got a wedding dress in one room, closets full of china in another and recently, drum roll please…… BABY PREPARATIONS!!! Woo hoooo! And just for the record, I am not pregnant. Whoa.
     To give you a little background, the fun began in early September when my bff Anne called to tell me I was going to be Aunt Kakey! WHAT?!?!?!?! This was HUGE news, and so the hype began. A baby?!?! Too much to handle. But wait, only two weeks later, my boyfriend beggggggggged me to marry him on Sept 18th, the best day of my life. Ok, ok maybe I actually said “yes!!!!!” before he finished the sentence, but I’m sure he would’ve begged like crazy if needed; after all, he was already down on one knee. Anyways, back to babies. So the plans began, a baby in May and a wedding in June! What could be better? Well just let me tell you….
     The holidays rolled around. But before we could even get to the wonderfulness that was Christmas, Chad and I went to Chuy’s (new restaurant in Cool Springs) with our dear friends Emily and Jonas. The story goes like this. Jonas- “Soooo, speaking of people being fat…. You’re gonna have one more fat bridesmaid.” Me- “WHAT? WHAT?!?! YESSSSS!!!!!” Chad- “…………….. huh?” That’s right, ladies. Emily was pregnant tooooo! Time to change the bridesmaid's dresses for sure!
     Wow. So we got through the holidays, surviving a few stomach bugs along the way, and finally, we reached the much needed lull that January seems to bring. My mom’s bday (Jan 15th), however, did give us a reason to celebrate so the fam decided to take the party to Sperry’s. Below. are some of the pictures of Carol receiving her bday card from Brad and Rachel but signed by “the 3 of us.” It is unbelievable that I got my camera out, because I had no idea.

     The evening was truly perfect, and I was SO EXCITED to find out this past Friday that I am going to be an Uncle!!!! Catch that? I was so sleepy Friday morning, that’s briefly what I thought. Ha.
     Keeping with the baby theme and in my attempts to create the longest blog of all time, I have also included below a few pictures from bff Anne’s baby shower a few weeks ago. Not only was it so fun to see my beautiful friend receive some awesome gifts, it was also a productive day as I discovered that I should NEVER wear un-belted tunics again, No, people, despite the looks of things, I am not the pregnant one. Wow.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

2010. What could be better?

Soooooo much excitement, so much excitement. Oh my gooooooodness! Found out yesterday I am going to be an Uncle!!!!!!!! ok, ok, im not an idiot. I know that doesnt really make since, but as i layed in bed half asleep yesterday morning contemplating my aunt/uncle status, i did realize i would be an aunt. i also realized it's entertaining to be an idiot sometimes. Ok, it's dark outside, and im up, bad combo... need caffiene asap. Blog coming very soon for more details on the fabulous Pure Barre Grand Openning party, babies babies everywhere (stole that from you, aubs) and much more. maybe a wedding detail.... maybe not. soooo much suspense! Have a great saturday everyone!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Wish Wishes Came True

Tomorrow is Thursday. I like Thursdays. I have high hopes for tomorrow…being Thursday and all. Consequently, I’ve composed a wish list; a compilation of a few things that I feel would make the world a better place. I wish: my legs would magically tan (and tone for that matter) with little to NO help from me; I wish this blog would teach me how to move things around and make it cool; I desperately wish not to hear Rascal Flats or Loan Star throughout the entire course of the day; but mostly, I wish Nancy Pelosi would take that giant, obnoxious gavel she’s been so proudly carrying around to Joe Biden’s mouth… not because I’m promoting violence, but for the good of her party. But, if she somehow caused a self-deprecating minor wound to her own mouth in the process, I wouldn’t protest.

Wow, apparently I’m a little hostile tonight. Off to the gym to release some tension. Be back in 15

Monday, March 22, 2010

Due to Popular Demand

     Blogging is weird. But so am I: that’s how I would like to introduce you to the world of Katelyn Ruckart. Currently, this world is undergoing some pretty major renovations, and while the last thing I have these days is time on my hands, I like to give the people what they want. So to all of you out there who have been BEGGING for the debut of my blog, I’d like to dedicate this to you. I would like to especially give a shout out to all my followers in the Central American Region, my girls down in Cape Town and of course not forgetting, the hundreds of letters I received from those of you in the People’s Republic of China!!!
     Endeavoring upon the world of blogging, the bloggisphere if you will, is both strange and exciting. To my many many fans, that have been writing in to request a blog, I have often responded, “But what in the world would I write about?” Lately, however, perhaps in response to my complete mental overload, I have thought of many topics- both completely bizarre and ridiculously mundane-all about which I could blog myself into a frenzy. While most would consider a background in writing to serve as a catalyst for blogging, I disagree. After all, I don’t have the time or brainpower to make all those red squiggly lines disappear beneath my words or satisfy my need for diversified structure and syntax. Therefore this, my commencing blog, could serve as one of only a few.
     In order to categorize and simplify the topics I would like Venus and Mars to cover, I would first like to introduce you to a few of my inspirations. Eventually, I will add these people to the side of my screen in the obvious, not so much to me, way that most of you do. What do I love? Fashion (brittanyfuson) Family (emilyfridrichsen aubreywest and cherrywood) and always, Humor (allisonsrandomness).
     As previously mentioned, I am currently trekking through several life transitions. Undoubtedly the most significant and permanently life-altering shift … going from ME to US…weird. While randomness will surely dominate many of posts, my intention is to take you through some of the usually-frustrating, mostly-incidental and hopefully-entertaining moments that occur during this process. Over the next year, I assume I will experience a myriad of thoughts and emotions while learning to pick my battles, live with a boy and most importantly, become a wife. In slightly less-significant happenings, look for updates on the frustrations and joys resulting from starting a new job, moving BACK in with the parentals and dah dah dum…. wedding planning!!!

     I would truly like to thank the 3 of you, who have taken the time to read this nonsense. As previously mentioned, I hope to be read by fans spanning the globe. But realistically, I’m most satisfied with “filling in” those of you who have recently found it difficult to reach me. I am so blessed and relieved to have solid friends in my life that care enough to get annoyed with me when I don’t take the necessary time to keep them informed. I am genuinely thankful for those, “kater, where are you? I need wedding deets immediately!” texts I receive from time to time. As I venture through these next couple of months, I promise to attempt to be more accessible. After all, who am I kidding? My life’s not that crazy and my exhausted is most people’s normal. But for now, that’s all I’ve got. Thanks for reading and check back soon.

***photos and a less-lame format coming soon***