Monday, December 27, 2010

Such a Perfect Day

Well I was back from retirement, but then again, it was the season of craziness and merriment which subsequently resulted in a relapse of my blogging retirement. However, I am coming back full force this time with some actual entertainment. Though it was merely 6 months ago, my wedding day seems in so many ways like a lifetime ago. Perhaps it's snow on the ground, my glaring ivory skin in the mirror or simply the fact that my life has changed in almost every way, but I feel like that June day, as wonderful as it was, is a more faded memory than I would like.

For this reason, I was absolutely thrilled (seriously jumping up and down) when our wedding video came in the mail on Christmas Eve's eve... if you're following me. As my family snuggled in and pressed play after opening gifts, I was both excited and tense. You know that feeling of listening to yourself on your  voicemail... you know, the kind that sends a cringe across your face and chills down your back? Well, I certainly had that feeling. And admittedly, Chad and I squeezd eachother's hands tightly in a both loving and uncomfortable way while watching ourselves on the "big screen." Still, completely masking the unavoidable temptation I had to cover my eyes on the close-up shots was an even greater feeling of awe and excitement as I observed the skill and magic of Jeffrey Holland and his team at Full Frame Cinema.

Honestly, when planning my wedding, the video was at the bottom of my list of priorities. My mom, however, convinced me of its importance. While watching this video, I realized my Mom was right... dead on. Each shot was like watching all of my beautiful pictures come to life, helping me to remember the bliss of the day in a way I couldn't have imagined. I think one day, my little girls will gush over this. I can hear it now. "Mommy... Daddy.... ewwww you're kissing. Look at CiCi! Was that your puppy?"

Thank you, Jeffrey. For the rest of you, enjoy. Below is the link to the first chapter of the video :)

*depending on your computer, it may take a moment to buffer. like 10 minutes, whomp whomp

Friday, December 3, 2010

Back From Retirement

For the two of you out there that still check my blog, thank you. I am impressed and apologize for my absence. I know a certain dodo will be especially excited to have some entertainment during his last few hours on a Friday afternoon. What can I say, I aim to please.

Rather than composing a short novel detailing the last 2 months of our lives, I will simply provide you with a photo montage of recent happennings. October, November and the first few weeks of December have been very fun and full months of celebrations and family time.

Just so you all know, I do plan to once again attend to my blog. I think the inital logging on was the hardest part. Check back regularly for more strange and sorted thoughts and stories about Fuson Family Fun. Now that we are in the swing of the holiday season, I'm sure I will have many tales to tell.

Excuse the quality of these. most were taken from my phone...

SJ's Bachy

Chad's Bday

Celeb Baby Timbo Wiles comes over for dinner!

And the other pictures arent loading. Check Back Soon!