Thursday, April 21, 2011

3.5 Baths

Yep, three and a half baths... that's all I needed to hear last week to sign the dotted line. For those of you who havn't had a chance to visit the lovely Fuson flat over the past 10 months, your time is officially running out. After a few weeks of entertaining the idea of moving, Chad and I have decided to move to a new mansion.... or so 1,800 sq ft seems to us! Honestly, our tiny little love nest has been more than sufficient over the past 10 months, but the time has come for a few important things. The most prominent request on my list? Another bathroom! Yes, while I love that Chad and I have learned to share EVERYTHING... I wouldn't mind sharing a little less...i.e. bathroom time. For me, we didnt need tons and tons of space, but another bathroom was obligatory.

For the Mister... the non-negotiable item was a garage. Honestly, I couldnt have sided more with this request. I don't know, maybe it's the road bike and golf bag taking up the entire floor of the "extra" bedroom, but yes, a garage sounds nice. Keepig these main requests in mind and considering that our current location works so nicely for us, the Fusons made the decision to move less than a mile down the road. We will be moving into our new little townhouse in August and could not be more excited. Not only will we have 3 large bedrooms, but we will be going from one to THREE and a half baths. wow.

While I can't help but count the days until we can spread out in our new home, I am definitely going to be a little sad to pack up our place. After all, this 900 sq ft place welcomed us home after our honeymoon, helped us celebrate our first Christmas together, and truly taught us how to share...everything. In a way, however, this place won't be going anywhere. As many of you homeowners our there know, this is not the best time to be selling a property that you've owned for less than 5 years; therefore, beginning September 1st, we plan to find a renter for our 2 bdrm/ 1 bath condo. Chad and I are hoping to rent to a friend or friend of a friend, so please start getting the word out to anyone who might be looking for a place. We are right off Nolensville Road (about 1 mi. from Bell Road) in the Cane Ridge community. Our place is very accessible to Brentwood and downtown and a great alternative to anyone looking for an apartment in the area. We havnt really set a price yet, so let us know if you have a prospect, and we will talk details.

Though I have 4 months before we will be making our move, I have already purchased myself one house-warming present. You see, for years I have lonnnged for a cow-hide rug to put... well... anywhere. I have always like the modern/rustic look they give to a room. Saturday, after signing the contract on the new place, Chad and I visited the Sears Outlet Store to begin our search for a new refrigerator (hallelulia!) and then went a block or so down to Southeastern Salvage, one of my very favorite stores. While I have always been able to find a few interesting items in this warehouse of a store, I was literally thrilled to discover their myriad of cow-hide rugs, starting at only $128!!!! What a steal! Prior to that day, I had never seen one of any size for less than $400. Though the rug will look much better in our new townhouse, I couldnt risk it getting away... especially for that price. Of course I couldn't wait until August to put it out, so a picture of the rug will follow below. The other photos are just a few things I have liked and therefore snapped pictures of over the last week. Enjoy!
Meet the "Dude" Bunny. I saw this little guy (actually not so little, about a foot tall) while walking through Wal-mart Tuesday night. Initially I was startled, assuming he was there to rob the store, but after a while, I realized that rather than judging him for his gold chain and bleary eyes, I should take him to the Frid's for Avery's first Easter.
Last week, I found my dreeeam home. Unfortunately, due to the $549k price tag, it was NOT the home we purchased... by a long shot. Still, a girl can dream. Check out the kitchen/garage door that opens up to a covered porch, complete with an out-door fireplace. Maybe Fuson barbeque's will take place in a setting like this someday.
Back to reality. At only $79, I can definitely see one of these cute navajo-inspired ottomans infront of the reading chair in our bedroom. Love these.
Or hoe about one of these awesome bicycle-inspired kitchen carts? I know they are hard to see, but I think this would be stylish and functional.
No, I have no room for a new coffee table... but if I did, I would buy you tomorrow. I looooove this.
I will be needing a new rug in my kitchen, however. I love the size and feel of this world market rug. It fits too! Trust me, I've already measured.
I seriously have to have this in my new living room. Ok, I don't have to have anything. But I would realllly like it. The size and rustic feel are perfect. Checkout those hues of green peeking though. Love it.

Maybe I can't grow up, but I will always be "horse crazy" (yes, this was printed across my favorite childhood nightgown). I don't know where this would even go, but I do know that I would love a small oil painting much like this one by Anne West. The actual painting is $500, but the prints are $64. I do have a birthday coming up.

And finally, my cow-hide rug. I know she will look better in my new place, but let's face it, I couldnt wait. No way. I can't wait to see it against my new, dark floors. Ooh lala. While a part of me felt a little sorry for Miss Moo, I like to think she led a long and healthy life on some farm in Brazil. Now, let's just hope I'm not allergic to her. My receipt tells me I have 72 hours to make up my mind!


Elliott and Cherry Wood said...

Yay!!! Congrats on your new place!! 3.5 baths is going to be fabulous!!

Em said...

so are you sneezing yet?

Oh and PS, i showed Avery her "Dude" bunny and she was a little sad to realise you didn't also buy his partner, "Diva". I told her, "Maybe next year when Uncle Cho makes his millions."

Allison said...

Congrats on the new place!