Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's A Blogging Miracle!

FINALLY, wasting my time with this blog has paid off! Literally. Not only did I discover that someone other than my mother reads my blog, but my cross-country friend helped me with QUITE the find. Remember those pillows? You know, the "dream pillows?" Well BAM! Look what Miss Jenny Jackson sent me a link to last night. I literally gasped at my computer. My alarmed husband saying, "what's wrong?!" Nothing's wrong! I immediately ordered these pillows for $45 a piece (by the way, the original "dream pillows" were $137 a piece. More like, "dream on" pillows).

I also found these adorable curtain panels. My bestie has been looking for some happy, yellow panels for her new home. I was glad to pass on the favor of fabulous finds. I can't wait to see these in the cutest kitchen ever.

Also, my friend Jenny, directed me to this World Market console table that has the rustic-industrial look I was wanting without the price tag of the custom piece I mentioned a month or so ago. Check it out. $400 verses $1,600. I'll take it!

And on a completely unrelated note, I want an obnoxiously bright-colored rug in my kitchen. Which one is your favorite?

Monday, May 23, 2011

I Dream In Chandeliers

True story. As strange and counter-productive as it might be (or definitely is), I am a sleeping decorator. On my mind last night? Chandeliers. For those of you who read yesterday's post, you may remember the gorrrgeous Horchow chandelier chosen to depict the "Rhianna Room." As soon as I saw this selection, I immediately flashed back to the incredibly-unique lighting section on the Horchow site that I've tried so hard to forget. I could spend hours looking at this site and catalog. However, almost NONE of it is within the Fuson Family budget... and that's ok. I love to imagine my rooms filled with certain fabulous finds but then find ways to recreate the looks for significantly less. So, for now, I will give you a sneek peak of last night's dream and hope maybe one of yuo will help me find the more-economical realization of my fantasy.

This one is actually nearing my "budget." Too bad the first three are my favorites. I'm going to attempt to re-direct my dreams to include this one tonight.

While we are on the topic of dreams, I actually found myself crossing from dreamworld into reality on Friday when I saw my "dream pillows" at Spruce in Brentwood. Fortunately for me, the sales assistant was adorable and didn't mind me snapping photos to send to my husband and mom rather than purchasing. In fact, she even let me know that her fabulous store would soon be carrying another line from the same designer. She said the new line would haev similiar patterns and textures but with HALF the price tag! The new shipment should be coming toward the middle of June. I'm there. Until then, my standard is set with these in mind.

As gorgeous as these chandeliers and pillows are, I realize that dreaming about interior design is more than just a waste of time. Sitting here this morning, bleary-eyed, preparing for work, I know I'm in need of sleep more than ideas. Here's to hoping.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Cool Are They?

During my brief stint working at Posh, one of Nashville's most-fabulous boutiques, the experience of living in poverty was balanced by the fact that I was able to play dress up all day and meet some fascinating Nashvillians. Sure, there were the usual suspects, Carrie Underwood, T Swift, and others, but those who had the most lasting impressions on me were the creative Stylists who make these stars look stunning. Trust me, Carrie Underwood is beautiful no matter what, but the girl is a fashion trainwreck on any given day when she dresses herself. Oh well, at least she makes millions and can afford someone else to dress her for public events. Thank goodness. One time, she came in with her then-boyfriend, now-husband and was wearing jelly-looking, flip-flop wedges, encrusted in rhinestones. On that day, she also purchased about 4 pairs of shoes from our "sale room" (really, Carrie?) all of which were horrendous.

I digress... but my point being; stylists are muy importante. Oftentimes, though, they see themselves as the celebrities, marching in a store pointing and directing like they own the place. Annoying. One Nashville stylist, however, managed to be fabulous and efficient while treating me like more of a fellow stylist than the hired help... even though I guess that was technically my role. In her field, Amber Lehman is quite accomplished, having styled stars such as Julianna Hough and a myriad of other musicians; still, during her pulls at Posh, she always asked even the lowely sales assistants for our opinions. For this reason, I have continued to follow Amber's career, via her blog, even as I have flown far from the reatail-world coop. After all, I will always love fashion.

My favorite blogs to peruse usually include some aspect of fashion or home decor... typical girl. Therefore, you can just imagine my excitement when I clicked on Amber Lehman's blog last week and found this! Apparently Amber has teamed up with "Ash Interiors" to create the most interesting concept. They have been collaborating for a while, so since I am apparently behind the times, I feel the need to let all 5 of my readers know about this immediately. Basically, these talented ladies take a girl's "look," usually a celebrity, or a composition of a certain "style" and decorate a room that mirrors this personal style. Othertimes, they work backwards, finding a fabulous room on a blog or website, and pull together fashion inspirations such as jewelry, clothing, even nail polish that coordinate the look of the room! I think it is absolutely fantastic! Perhaps in my next home, I will decorate one room as girly as I would like... just my style, not taking into account or incorporating the masculinity of my hubby. I think this dream room would look similar to the below link. And not surprisngly, I love all of the inspiration peices they paired with this "look." Well done, ladies, well done!


 Be sure to check out some of the other installments of Amber & Ash, too. Leihghton Meester's room is another one of my favs... and Rachel Bilson's style breakdown.... and Alexa Chung...AH! I can't decide.

The ladies' take on what Rhianna's bedroom might be like. This style is slightly too-baroque for me; however, I think it is DEAD ON for Rhianna, and I do love that Horchow chandelier. Dream on, Katelyn.

Oh, and just incase these ladies are searching for ideas for the next installment. KATE BOSWORTH: hint hint.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let a Little Light In

Perhaps it's the dreariness of this morning, but I need some sunshine! Therefore, in anticipation of the summer sun, I am finally purchasing these ikat-inspired curtains I have had my eye on for weeks. These West Elm panels weren't over-priced, but definitely are no deal. Thanks to a handful of leftover wedding-present gifts cards, though, I ended up getting 4 pannels for free.99. Score!

I seriously think lighting is the number one element that attracts to me to any given space. For that reason, I have been brought back to the somewhat-sheer, linen-blend of these guys. I can't wait to hang them! Seriously.

Wish I had these awesome concrete floors, too.

In a few weeks, these will be replacing the gorgeous hounds-tooth pannels we currently have in our living room. While hounds-tooth may sound less-than-desirable. These are a small-print, black and tan version that truly are lovely. They are 9 ft tall and completely black-out. Seeing as my husband's blood bleeds orange, however, we are needing a change. For you Alabama fans out there, these really are awesome. Let me know if you're interested!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Difference A Year Can Make

Mother's Day 2010 was spent by the Ruckart family in an all-too-familiar room on the 5th floor of the Centennial Women's Hospital. While we were thrilled that Baby Wiles was hanging on for dear life inside his mommy, several weeks of intermittent fear and tension over his little life had us all a little overwhelmed and on-edge. As we gathered, or more-so bundled, together in that sub-arctic, sterile room, a vision of the below was our hope and our prayer. For this reason, yesterday, Mother's Day 2011, was a true answer to prayer. Not only did we have a new Mommy to celebrate, but the little, healthy, chunkster himself! What a difference a year.. and prayer.. can make.

Timothy Ryan Wiles dedication on Mother's Day,  May 9th 2011

My favorite part was when the congregation heard that Timbo was born at 3lbs. They took one look at those cheeks and laughed! I told him to enjoy it now... no one will ever find your weight gain quite so funny from here on out.

How precious is that? The sermon was on parenting, so he didnt feel the need to stay tuned.

Blessed family

For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him ...
1 Samuel


Unfortunately, we are back from Mexico. There's nothing like a few days of listening to the waves and vegging out, to make you realize how much you don't really like to work. However, the fun did need to come to an end... eventually... for the sake of my waistline if nothing else. We have been slammed with activities since retunring north of the border, so rather than detailing our trip in words, I will spare you and let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

**By the way, note that we are at a company convention; hence the nametags. No, my family doesn't usually feel the need to let everyone know who we are.**

The most fabulous hotel bathroom Ive ever had

Everything had an "F" on it! For Fairmont? Orrr for Fuson?! :)


Zipling into the caves

Playa De Carmen

Playa De Carmen

Beachfront Restaurant... my fav

My playmate

Beautiful Mexican woman drawing a.. um... not-so-much beautiful Frida Kahlo

This makes me laugh out loud

Cinco De Mayo done right

We truly had the best time ever. I'm already loving Chad's new job and looking forward to many many trips around the world to come!