Sunday, April 25, 2010

Conscious Cops

As promised, I have decided to enjoy a hopefully-extended hiatus from the serious talk. Venus and Mars has certainly evolved in tone and content over the past month, but so far, I’m pleased and not surprised by the randomness it entails. First things first, and then a little story. To the astounding number of you who have offered my family encouragement over the past week, THANK YOU! Truly. My sister is currently staked out in her high-rise hospital condo amidst an overwhelming display of affection from many of you. I mean, we are talking every hostess cake, salty snack and dvd money can buy! Witnessing Rachel’s transformation over the past week has been amazing, and watching her belly grow a little each day is both encouraging and just downright exciting! Seriously guys, thank you.

In other much-less-significant news, I am WANTED in the state of Tennessee. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I admit. My tags are EXPIRED (gasp!!). I think it goes without saying, I’ve been busy. And believe it or not, two days in a row, Middle Tennessee’s finest have validated this excuse. You see, for the past two consecutive evenings, I have been pulled over. Yep. Blue lights and all. In neither instance, however, was my typically-heavy right foot the culprit. Instead, the problem derived from my hectic schedule and my complete lack of desire to ever visit the vehicle testing center. Still, come Monday morn, I promise to be a changed woman. Finally, a day off… and a trip to the county clerk’s office. I’d say it’s high time. You think? Two close calls… I’m not risking another friendly warning on the third try. Good night and good riddance.

Me on  Monday night... if i don't get my act together. :(

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today was a good day. Yep. Today was a really good day... despite all odds. As I lay down for a much-needed good-night's sleep, I am overwhelmed but far from conquered. You see, I am overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude and thankfulness. I know, I know, enough with the cheesy, sappy stuff, but remember that perspective I talked about last time? Well, it'll do it to you; it'll turn the most dry, even cynical, wit into an unencumbered sap, gushing with emotion. So, for now, I guess that's me.

Throughout the course of this day, amidst learning modules at work and 2,000 calorie meals with the boy, I found my mind momentarily drowned by the much-needed distractions and joys of life and laughter. Still, a solitary notion continued to rise to the surface of my thoughts. “How the heck do people go through life, good times and especially the bad, without God?” Have you ever really thought about that? For many of us, familiar with the peace and inexplicable calm that faith affords, the idea of facing life alone seems foreign. We forget, all the while, that this isolated existence is the means by which most people live. Considering this, how much more should we delight in not only our salvation but also, the body of Christ?

Not once today did I look at my phone without an asterisk (*) alerting me to my email, text messages or bbm. What an absolute joy it is to experience the body of Christ in times of trouble and perhaps even more so, in times of waiting. Thank you to all of you who have offered everything from words of encouragement to Full House DVDs! My future mother-in-law, the saint that she is, is even planning to visit Rachel tomorrow night armed with her trimming scissors, nail polish and manicure tools. I mean, how cool is that?

While I promise to return to Venus and Mars’ more light-hearted, quirky content soon, I want to leave you with the words to this song, as they spoke so perfectly to my thoughts and to my heart on the drive home tonight. Sleep tight, world.

I’m waiting, I’m waiting on you Lord
And I am hopeful, I’m waiting on you Lord
Though it is painful, but patiently I will wait

And I will move ahead bold and confident
Taking every step in obedience

While I’m waiting I will serve you
While I’m waiting I will worship
While I’m waiting I will not faint
I’ll be running the race even while I wait
John Waller “While I’m Waiting”

Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Sleepy Perspective

Have you ever noticed, growing older in years, how the “little things” seem to just simply fall away? Well, I hope so. And I truly mean that. In hindsight, I would love to go back and give myself a chill pill for every afternoon I spent scouring Birmingham’s Brookwood mall for the perfect cocktail dress with Daddy’s credit card in hand. Or perhaps just a slap on the face for every hour I’ve spent flipping through some random’s facebook photos. (we’ve all been there) Yep, hindsight is 20/20. But what about now? How can I purpose to prevent myself from wasting more time, you know, sweating the small stuff?

How about a little perspective? I know I need just about as much as I can get. Sure, somedays, it’s easy to wake up and fix myself a nice big helping of perspective, accomplished only by spending some time with my Bible and writing down my thoughts. Oh how I wish I would have the discipline to commence each new day in this way. Other days, however, I sleep in, both literally and figuratively (if you’re following this analogy at all.) On those days, it might be noon, dinnertime even before I recognize that familiar feeling of “empty,” realizing I’ve wasted an entire day, making mountains out of molehills.

Today was a day like perhaps none other. I got my dose of perspective so early it seemed even the sun was choosing to sleep in. When my mom woke me up around 5 to tell me my sister and brother-in-law were on their way to the hospital, I felt myself swallow the pill of perspective, sticking in my throat all the way down. After fully emerging from my state of shock, however, I resorted to my security blanket of sorts…prayer. The power of knowing others were doing the same and knowing there was nothing more I could do, was relieving, and soon, I was at peace. Sure, I continued to sit by my phone in anticipation of the next text or call, and admittedly, I offered God a few, “really? What the heck is this about-s?” But by noon, I had what we all so badly need, a little perspective.

I know many of you have been prayerfully lifting my sister and her baby boy up to the Lord for weeks now, and I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement our entire family has received. Right now, Rachel and baby are doing well, resting in the Centennial Women’s Hospital. Please continue to intercede, however, as she will be staying in the unit until the baby is born. In the meantime, we plan to make her new high-rise condo the most happenin place in downtown. If you’ve obtained any box sets of TV shows, we will rent. And if you like board games, bring it. For the rest of you, pray. And if you’ve never considered yourself a praying person, try it…seriously… you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

In other news, and because this picture makes me happy and because I think postings without pics are boring, I'd like to add that I have the best fiance ever. Not only did he sit in the hospital all day, but he managed to entertain and cut some tension with his uniquely-chad wit and charm. I mean, look at this face. Don't you just want to eat it up? No?! But I KNOW you're jealous of those hats. It's cool, can't blame ya. Good night everyone.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Be Jealous, Be Very Jealous

Look what came in the mail yesterday! I've never looked better. Thanks Boo

**Excuse the distorted lighting. This was taken outside on a camera phone.**

What's that?! You want a custom invite too? Don't blame ya. For more info, visit

I Wish I Could Write This

     The engagement period is a wonderful, yet often tricky, time of evolvement. Perhaps the most delicate of the many transitions for the future bride and groom is the conversion of primary allegiance. What does that mean? Well, I don’t really know either, but I’ll attempt to offer some insight into my scattered thought process. More plainly stated, what I am referring to is the shift from one’s foremost concern changing from his or her family, oneself , one’s goals, hopes and dreams etc. to their new equal-- their new counterpart in life. Suddenly, there’s another to consider! And not just another family member, a parent with unconditional love or a sibling to which some allegiance is encoded in blood. Rather, this new family you are willingly entering into has no genetic binding; still, your primary concern is now to love him, to take care of her, you get the point.

Yes, this time is a major transition, and while no change is without some hardship, I will say the profit surely suffices for the work. After all, consider the joy: you now have two families, another mom, dad, sister... and in my scenario, I could not have gained a more-loving, accepting family. Sure, transitions are tough, but while the idea of transferring our allegiance from one to another may seem complex, I have found much-needed simplicity in the truths of the words below. My mother was given this poem by Katie Horn, a dear family friend, a week after Chad proposed, and I have treasured its words, realizing that while life is full of transitions, big and small, the Lord remains the same. Steady and unchanging by nature, there is no fear, anxiety nor need for worry in Him. Whether you’re engaged to be married, a single gal, or a wife of 30 years, I hope you are as impressed by these words as me and reminded of your first, true love.

Dear Bride To Be

Come to Me, Dear Bride to be, And kneel before My Throne,

And I will share My Heart with you, And make your house a home,

Listen well, lean closely, there are secrets at My Feet--

The marriage you will soon begin, The Bridegroom will complete.

The man with whom you’ll journey is your wedding gift from me,

To teach you things beyond this world… A precious mystery,

Bearing all these things in mind, you’ll never lack for wealth,

For through your union I will choose to teach you of Myself.

Let him hold you tightly, and keep you safe from harm,

Until I’ll one day hold you in My everlasting arms,

Let him wipe your tears away, and trust him with your pain,

Until I wipe them all away and Heaven is your gain.

Pray to love his tender touch and want his gentle kiss,

I grant you both my blessing and ask you not to miss,

The reason why I’ve chosen for two halves to become one--

That you might see the Bride of Christ, sweet daughter and dear son.

So make this home a refuge, He’s to love you as I do,

Until your mansion is complete… A place prepared for you,

And if I should choose to leave you here when I have called him home,

Trust I’ll be your husband near, you’ll never be alone.

Copyright © 2004 Beth Moore

I hope everyone is savoring in this beautiful sunshine. Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Girl, Make Me Look Good

In a few hours, I will, along with the help of my mom and any charitable neighbors who witness the debacle, attempt to load my wedding dress into the car and drive to my first fitting. Though I am excited about slipping in to this beautiful garment, I'm crossing my fingers that Tatianna (my sweet little Russian seamstress) will be able to make some necessary changes, i.e. it's a little long, meaning I trip when I step, and slightly loose all the way around. Mainly though, and I want yall's opinion (yes i am from the south, and yes i know ya'll isnt a word ,and no i dont care) do you think it's a little too low-cut? I think the neckline is just right. No?!

Yowzas. Ok, gotta go out in my Easytones for a while. Happy Tuesday everyone. Let's all say a prayer that LOST doesn't confuse anymore tonight but hey, actually answers some questions? Such a novel idea.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Inventions for the Exercise Challeneged

Regardless of my best attempts at masking the obvious, I. Have. Chicken. Legs. Yup. Maybe that’s why I am such a boot girl. Who knows, maybe that’s why I refused to wear shorts to school until, ohhhhhh, the 10th grade?! Thankfully, in recent years I have begun to embrace my little sticks and have even become accustomed to wearing shorts and skirts in lieu of other options. Like my mama always said, someday I would learn to appreciate my chicken legs, considering the contrary.

Well ladies, today just might be that day. You see, today I am finally trying out my new Reebok Easytones! What is that? A laugh? Are you seriously talking about those silly shoes, Katelyn? Ok, ok, ok so admittedly, I’m slightly skeptical too. But while the commercials and endless ads have initiated several incredulous expressions from my own face, first-hand testimonials have changed my mind and sent me straight to the Foot Locker. Shoes that are designed to help you build calf muscles, tone the backs of your legs and create a tightened backside!?! Sold. I mean, after all, who can refute the undeniable evidence I have seen? That’s right, after several months of conducting my own referendum of sorts, talking with various girls I see sporting the kicks and considering their testaments, I have taken the plunge. And $99 later, I’m committed to giving these puppies a try. I’ll keep you updated. From Chicken Legs to Easy Tones; My Journey From Sticks to Pipes. Who knows, considering that I'm pretty confident no male, other than Steve-O will EVER read this blog, I may even provide before and after pics. Maybe.

Kimmy K rocking some EasyTones. Who's not a sucker for a little celebrity endorsement from this lovely?

***Disclaimer. I have already found one MAJOR drawback with this product. You actually have to wear them and legitimately work out, to see results. They don’t work in the box. Crap***

Can I See Some I.D.?

So aPPARently, some of you have tired of viewing the lovely picture accompanying my last posting. Sure, it’s slightly jarring and more or less repugnant, but hey, you gotta give it to the girl on creativity, and after all, confidence is key. Allow me to go running wildly down this rabbit trail for a moment (I mean, it is Easter after all). Confidence. The very idea of this word strikes a powerful cord in society, both today and perhaps for as far back as women …well…have had mirrors. I mean, all the celebs have it… well, according to their Vogue interviews. How many times have you read some rendition of a Cameron or Kate saying, “I’m just in a really good place right now. I’m just happy with life. I’ve finally found how to truly love myself…” Blah. Blah. Blah. And what do the rest of us think? “Wow, I don’t feel that way. Why don't I feel like that?”

What is confidence and why is it such a powerful tool? Well I’m no Webster, but in my opinion (my supreme opinion… this being my blog and all) confidence derives its power from its inability to be assumed by all despite no lack of availability and by its all-encompassing effects despite its fleeting and often self-perceived presence. While you’re probably finding this tangent to be contradictory and confusing, what I’m basically trying to say is, “Why, as ladies, do we desire the confidence of our peers… friends…Hollywood glamorites, when ultimately, this notion is non-qualitative, here today and gone tomorrow?” Well… sometimes. I believe there is one shining exception.

I remember when I was at the frightening age of 12 or 13 my mom would often say to me, as I left for the evening, “Remember who you are and who you belong to.” Rolling my eyes, I would mutter an, “okaaaay,” and continue on my way out, trying to give little to no thought to my mom’s words. Still, despite my best efforts to drown these words in my incessant gossip and chatter with friends, I could often hear them echo during my teenage years. Who did I belong to? I knew the meaning of my mother’s words. Sure, she wanted me to spare the family name by not getting caught smoking in my best friend‘s bathroom (whoops), but ultimately, an allegiance to any earthly relationship was not the “belonging” to which she referred. Instead, she desired for me to know that I was a daughter of the King, the treasured possession of He who died for my sins. My identity, my confidence was to be then and forever founded in knowing that I , Katelyn Claire Ruckart, belonged to Christ.

This Easter, I am once again reminded of the complete confidence I am offered by my identity in Christ. For someone like me who loves to be different, to be slightly unique with my own thoughts and opinions, I am so relieved to repeatedly see my futile attempts at “individuality” be trumped by the realization that true peace comes only when I give up the act and rest in who He has made me, in His perfect will. Gah… you’d really think I wouldn’t have to learn this same lesson over and over. If only I could’ve really gotten it during those teenage years. Who knows, maybe I’ll get it in time to have a teenage daughter of my own? Oh, I hope that‘s the case.

SO, I challenge any of you. As you start to get a little uneasy reading about all those celebs who “have finally found out how to love themselves or let love in,” remember, and remind me as well, that a significant display of unfounded pride and confidence undoubtedly precedes a dramatic display of being, for lack of a better term, “knocked down to size.” After all, Vienna, we give you and Jake 6 months tops.

I truly hope each of you ( all 6 of my readers) have had an incredible Easter weekend, reminded of who you are only in response to what He’s done. I was so blessed to spend a long weekend at the lake with the entire fam and even make all the rounds with my future family-in-law as well. A little sunburn and a stretched belly. Yep. Guess you could consider it a successful weekend. Happy Easter!