Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Photo Release

I don't have any time to blog today. But if I did, I would blog about how excited I am to go the beach today with my love. This picture was taken on Christmas Eve, so lets hope we have some more color in my next posting of that handsome face...

Actually, what  I really wish I had time to blog about are the pictures below. Woah, I could have material for days. Below is our New Year's Schmorgisboard (sp?) that we attended at the Fridrichsen home. If only I had time to upload all of the photos :)

Before the big reveal

who DIDNT have major Garth fever at the end of 2010?!?

hilariousness all around

Time to bring out the grievance pole. How can one begin a new year with a clean slate without airing one's greivances in the context of the previous year? Better than therapy. Hilarious

Can't wait to play with the Fridrichsens more over the next few days... in the sand. Yay.

Monday, March 21, 2011

See Yaaaaaa......

Tomorrow I will be here...

So tonight, naturally, I will be here...

This is actually a photo taken of me recetnly. I've had a little work done.

Okayyyy. Youre right. This isn't me. I knew the belly-button ring would give it away.

See ya next week, people. I will be spending the next few days frolicking in the sunshine and riding bikes at Seaside. Chad and I are so excited to get away with the Loys, Courtneys and obv, the Fridrichsens. I know some of them will be missing their little squeelers, which is understandable, but I plan to whine and make goofy faces at them, so they'll feel right at home. We are so thankful to Aunt B for a free place to stay. I by so thankful I mean, soooooo thankful.

By the way, I have located my, once again, missing camera. Therefore, I promise to take a few festive photos from our trip. I'll be the tan one... on day one... who gradually pales throughout the week. Reverse tanning; safe but sad :(

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