Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall at the Fusons

Ah Friday (my Sunday), how I love you though you have new meaning to me. Yes, in my world Friday now equals Sunday, Wednesday is Friday, and I feel like I work 7 days a week. I will say, however, that I. love. my. job. This week has been a little extra crazy and yes, I am about to go into the office on my "off" day, but hey, busy is fun, and a 2pm start time isn't too much to handle. In the Fuson household, fall is off to a great start, and I will go ahead and speak for the mister (because that's what all good wives do) and say that we couldnt be happier. Since I've been m.i.a and many of you have been complainging, allow me to fill you in.

I believe the last time we spoke, I had just returned from a fun-filled bday weekend. Since then, I have been enjoying some of the wonderful presents given to me by some pretty special people. Not only did my beloved Linz Binz come in town, as mentioned in previous posts, but with Kady Day, brought me one of the best presents ever! Pictured below, my new lulu lemon jacket, is comfy and fabulous. For those of you who have neevr worn lulu lemon gear, it can be purchased at Pure Barre in Green Hills and Bwood and instantly makes you look about 15 lbs thinner. I wear it when I work out, go to the grocery store, and eat pizza :)

Pure Barre Buds

One of my other favorite gifts was from the mister. I love boots. Anyone who knows me, knows this. While my Frye riding boots whill always hold a special, timeless place in my heart, these new Vince Camuto boots, witht their masculine appeal, pair nicely with my new pocketless cargo pants and provide a nice contrast to more girly dresses. Thanks Dodo :)

And since we picked these out a little before the actual bday, I got a new fabulous bathrobe too. Call me a grandma, I LOVE my boots and my bathrobe.

Now, from the mama... and dad, I suppose, some homey goods!! For the first time in my life, my eye is being drawn more towards items for my walls than my closet. Ok, it's more like 50/50, but this year I was thrilled to recieve new wall sconces from the Ruckarts and some additions to my Arte Italica china collection from Fusons and Thompsons. So far, in decorating our little abode, I have enjoyed tranforming the bachelor pad into a home for us both. Luckily, Chad and I share similiar tastes... the skull mount is even going on the main wall in the den this weekend.

I love mirrors. I hate this chandelier.

Arte Italica in Pewter. Gorgeous.

Yes, the month of September was full of fun and celebrations, but I love all fall has to offer and cannot get enough of these perfect temperatures. Whether it's a drive out in the country or an evening of watching football with friends, the Fusons are having a ball. Come visit soon, I'll break out the china! (ehhh, I hesistate to use the words break and china in the same sentence)

New pumpkin trees from Kroger.Those are real, mini-pumpkins. adorable. And yes, that is a tree stand in my living room. Welcome to fall at the Fusons! Have a great weekend everyone!