Friday, May 14, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

Once upon a time… a boy and a girl fell madly in love. Eventually, when this said boy and girl decided to marry, the festivities began and much merriment ensued. Balls and parties were thrown to celebrate the young couple’s nearing vows and many gifts were given and received with much anticipation. One gift, however, was unique from the rest. This gift, you see, was toiled over for many months and presented by Saint Linda, the fairest fairy mother-in-law of them all. The bride and groom opened the gift, excited and expectant, knowing Saint Linda always prepared something special. Finally, there it was in their hands, the most splendid wedding gift of them all, the Fuson Family Favorites, a magical recipe book sure to be passed down from this young couple to their children and to their children...for generations to come!!

Perhaps this vignette was somewhat silly, but no normal run-of-the-mill introduction would suffice. You see, I am beyond excited and more than a little impressed by the newest addition to our kitchen. Within the pages of this home-made recipe book, created by Linda Fuson and illustrated by the talented Brittany Fuson, are not only recipes but complimentary stories as well. From the kitchens of friends and family such as Kristi Warren, Julia Vaughn, Dianne Dudney and the late Joan Gaylord, just to name a few, these recipes not only offer the how to’s of certain beloved creations but the why to’s; i.e. “Christmas morning favorite of Bubba’s” or “brought to Chad after his knee surgery… he LOVED!”

Below, I’ve included a sneak peek of the Fuson Family Favorites, simply a mere glimpse into the pages of this private book. For those of you whom either knowingly or unknowingly contributed to the content of this masterpiece, THANK YOU! Chad and I will cherish this gift immensely and are excited to one day add many of our own traditions and concoctions to its pages.

cookbook on the right, BF thank you's on the left. incred

I felt so honored to make the cut!!

Duh... these are ridicuolous

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

I know. I know, people. The blog has been neglected. The funny thing is, I can't decide if I care. This whole world of blogging is still new to me and, while I love to catch up on my friend's lives on here, simple journaling still serves as my most comfortable medium for processing thoughts. In recent days, however, I find myself composing mental blogs. You know, like driving in the car subconciously working through a possible posting. That kind of nonsense, ladies and gentlemen, is more than a little strange and ultimately exhausting. That reminds me.... what movie is it when the girl says, "my head is all full..." to which someone responds, "um.... I think that's called thinking. Go with it." Someone pleeaaase help me out here. ANYway... yea... that's how I feel.

So, rather than actually completing a fully-mentally-processed blog (or thought for that matter) I will fill you guys in on all of the craziness that's been going on in a fragmented, good-enough-for-now format.

Thoughts: Life is so great right now... I've had one of the best weeks of my entire life... I actually love my job... My fiance is seriously so sweet, and I want to eat him up most of the time.... I really hope he doesnt get too full of himself over his undefeated softball schedule...My future inlaws continue to blow my mind with how sweet and welcoming they are to not only me but my entire family...My friends, wow, you ladies hosted a to-die-for shower amidst flooding and chaos... Nashville really is the BEST place to call home. really. but i"m SO ready to go on my honeymoon.... I need to order some bathing suits...I have 13 dresses hanging in my laundry room to disperse to all my maids... I forgot to keep planning my wedding, crap.... Who is going to plan my wedding in my mental absence... Who really cares, let's just go with it... I need more sleep... My easytones are getting dusty.... Bedtime....

Thank you to all of you who have made this last week so wonderful. To my mommy, I know we get frustrated at eachother over envelopes and camera chargers, but I love you very much and think you are probably the best mommy ever. I mean, afterall, look how good your kids turned out?!? Sorry, couldnt resist. night night world.

mommy/daughter love

perfect evening

schmooosch face

Happy mother's to-be day!

only a few more weeks!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Let's Go Play!

Less than 2 months away from the big day, I’m glad to annouce that the hubby-to-be and I have NOT lost the lovin' feeling. Sure, after almost 5 years together, we no longer feel the need to plan “dates” every evening; after a while, you just assume the pleasure of each other’s company and are excited even about grilling out on the “porch” for the third night in a row. Yep. Togetherness is enough. And eventually, you find yourselves as comfortable together as you once were alone. I guess that’s love. In fact, I know it is.

Lately, however, perhaps in response to the warming temperatures and commencement of cut-offs season, Chad and I have been enjoying many evenings of outside fun. (Obviously, not in reference to the last 48 hours of torrential downpours) You see, as luck would have it, I truly believe I’ve found in my future hubby, the perfect combination of maturity when necessary, balanced by an I-don’t-want-to-grow-up attitude, which we share. While many of you out there (ahem, CiCi) might object to the declaration of necessary maturity, I was convinced this past Friday, more than ever, that I’ve truly found my soul mate. Yep. He’s a keeper. How do we keep it fresh? Good, solid, red-neck fun. Allow me to include a short vignette to explain.

Standing in the rear of Murfreesboro’s finest establishment GO U.S.A, two evening ago, I anxiously scoured the crowd of families and tattooed teens, looking for my date. In the much-anticipated heat of this Friday night, I cautiously returned my attention to Sophie, my neurotic puppy, every few minutes, as she growled and leapt after every shiny golf ball hit from the driving range. “Where the heck is he?” I thought to myself as I reached for the calming security of my blackberry. Finally, after my bbms refused to turn from “D” to “R,” I’d had enough. Failing to heed the warnings on the door, I scooped up my excited pup and entered the inside arcade. My stare quickly identified an over-sized child at the basketball machine, greatly resembling my fiancĂ©. Surrounded by a group of 8-10-yr-olds, who were captivated by his “skills,” I soon realized this “big kid” was my fiance, in heaven. There he was, fun personified. Looking closer, I saw sweat beads pouring from his head beneath his crooked sunglasses, and what was that all over his mouth?! Blue slushie?! Yes, he was in heaven. Walking towards him, I felt like one big buzz kill, and soon, made uncomfortable by my presence, his band of gawking fans began to disseminate.

Turning around to look for his missing ball boys, my boy smiled a smile I never tire to see. Suddenly, it was clear to me, he didn't want to grow up, and just like many times before, I felt myself falling a little more in love. Over our years of dating and growing in a deeper relationship with one another, Chad and I have had some of our best moments remembering how to simply play. Whether fishing on Mill Creek, going on sea doo adventures, playing tennis or by simply riding around in the rain just for fun, I am always reassured during these times; we must be doing something right. So what did I do with my blue-faced, 10-yr-old celebrity? Well, we marched right back up to the counter and purchased $5 more of tokens... best $5 we’ve ever spent.

After an hour or so of skee ball and other games, I, too, was returned to a competitive, juvenile oh-my-gosh-that-bratty-kid-has- more-tickets-than-me state of mind. Finally satisfied after amassing a considerable amount of yellow tickets, we returned to the counter to pick our prizes. Judging from the pictures below, I am confident in our selections. What a fun night. What a fun boy. I think he was the best decision I've ever made :)

Why not take a break before putt putt and down some cheese muffins from Jim-N-Nicks?. Those things shoud be illgeal. yum yum yum