Thursday, August 26, 2010

Changing Seasons

Literally and figuratively, the seasons are changing for me and those in my world. The low tonight in Nashville is 59... yes, 59, and all around me, life just looks a little different than even a year ago. For example, the hubby and I had tickets to the Titans pre-season game a few evenings ago, and when we were considering recipients for the other two tickets, we had to consider, "well, she has to feed every three hours...he doesnt get home from work till... they have to put the baby down at... they go to bed at..." wow. The seasons are definitely changing. To put it into musical perspective, I was driving to work yesterday when Lightning 100 played 100 Years by my beloved Foo Fighters. I hadnt heard this song in some time, and I almost got misty-eyed.. i know... to the foo fighters?? ha.

Despite the figurative growing pains that are bound to associate themselves with this point in life, I also look around me and realize that I have neevr been more happy or more content. I absolutely love being married. Chad and I have gone from two fireballs trying not to kill eachother on account of being obsessed with oneanother to two sharing, loving members of our tiny little family. Most of the time, that is; you can't take the fire out of two stubborn-heads... but i guess that's part of our initial spark. I read a blog last week by some friends that live out of state who also are somewhat of newlyweds, and I literally laughed out loud. The author, witty to begin with, documented his nightly routine that now involves watching his wife pick out her clothes for the next day and ironing them because "she just can't do it like he can." Priceless. While Mr. Fuson doesn't claim to iron, the scene seemed eerily and hilariously familiar. Oh how the ins and outs of our days have changed. In marriage, not only do your evenings consist of winding down from your own day.. but now, you must take on, and solve the issues of another. All before an 11pm bedtime! Ahhhh how it's worth it though.

So far the benefits of marriage and living with a boy have been both gratifying and unexpected! My favorite parts to date: always having shaving cream in my shower, a limitless supply of over-sized t-shirts, having a constant playmate that never has to go home, someone to watch Pawn Shop with and last but not least, a constant companion who cares about the health and well-being of my car and my finances!!! woohoo! freedom! For someone who is somewhat of a control freak (I don't feel the need to control others but need ULTIMATE, supreme control over every minute and detail of my own life) I have found marriage to be liberating and kindof breeezy (i know that's not a word, but it relays my point). Sharing life's responsibilities, big and little, what a relief. And it's even better when you're sharing it with someone who is hot hot hot.

Ok, I'd say that is more than enough for now. I feel like there are so many things I've been meaning to share, but the thougts and ideas escape more freely than they come. Therefore, I've decided to conclude with a few pictures of recent happenings. Perhaps you'll begin to see why I seem to be so struck by the changing seasons. And yes, by 59 degrees tonight... it's strange, it's new, and it's alot to handle, but I love it all!

Avery Day!

Sleeping Beauty

TRW Shower

sisser love

horrible picture, wonderful evening!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Muy Bien

Today is a good day... A very good day. My only plans for the next couple of days involve hanging out with the hubby, a little decorating, and a lake day with friends. The beautiful Ashley Watt will be gracing us with her presence, and I am so excited. This week has been incredible. The Fridrichsens, one of our very favorite couples, welcomed their precious daughter into the world on Monday, and! I already love her so much.... which is a relief after I've spent the past 9 months with mixed emotions about her stealing her parents attention from us. Chad and I have been so blessed to have Emily and Jonas down the road, in the land of milk and honey, and while I hate to admit it, the time has come to share. I did feel slightly selfish last night, though, when they had to forego our weekly Tuesday dinner on account of being in the hospital :( Miss Pearl is just so perfect, and wonderful, and new. Infact, I may need to go hold her right now! Pictures soon! She has the most precious nursery I have EVER seen. Have a good weekend everyone! Mine has begun!