Friday, July 30, 2010

After the Final Rose

So, you know it’s bad when you’re trying to log on to your blogger account and for at least a moment, you can’t remember your username and login. Yes, yes, I have been a slacker blogger. So, for those of you who have been loyal enough to check back in every now and then, I know; I owe you. You see, I knew marriage would ultimately change my life… my day-to-day activities, schedule and priorities. However, if anything, being married has given me MORE free time, so I’m still out looking for my excuse. No more driving back home at 2 am. So much more sleep! Honestly, I guess I would just rather spend my time nesting in our little home or on the boat with the hubby, than at my computer, and I’d say that’s probably just fine. Not to mention, my job has started to become a little more of a priority, but I love it. Im so thankful to do work that I really do love. In the last 10 days, I’ve sold 3 homes to 3 families that are so excited… I can’t help but feed off their excitement!

Over a month has gone by now since Chad and I began our little family. Sure, there is something so intimate about standing before all of your friends and family and saying those vows, but what I wasn’t prepared for, is how much closer you get simply from living together daily as husband and wife. I know, Im beginning to sound like a Brad Paisley song, going on about how I thought I loved him thennnn, but it really is so true. Especially in our little place right now, we’re never more than about 10 feet apart. Cooking meals, brushing our teeth, saying our prayers, we are at each other’s side. It’s amazing, and I truly can feel that this is the way God intended man to be… in relationship, true I’ll-be-here-and-adore-you-no-matter-what kind of love.

Despite its seemingly tight quarters, I absolutely love our little love nest. It is just what we need for now. Sure, many of our friends have bigger places, and we both recognize that this is not a long-term plan, but every time I think it seems a little small, I just think how HUGE this place would seem if we were living in New York or Tokyo! Comparison really can put things into perspective. Besides, this places has saved us from having/wanting to buy tons of furniture and home goods, which for me, is a very very good thing. We do have a guest bedroom/office though, and we would love to have visitors, so come one, come all, people!

So far my best cooking endeavors have resulted in a pretty yummy Mexican Lasagna dinner and some delicious shrimp scampi. We did spaghetti the other night. I tried to make it more healthy by using ground turkey instead of beef and wheat noodles. Ehhhhhhhh. Finally, I just started chopping up everything I could find in the fridge…. onions, scallions, herbs, you name it. If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s bland food. So, eventually enough red pepper flakes woke it up a little, but all in all, I can say Im just not THAT big of a spaghetti fan. You know what I do love though? Chad’s desire to do the dishes every night. Im really diggin that!

As promised, Im finally sharing some pictures of the Fuson Love Nest. Though we’re not completely finished unpacking gifts and changing things out (like that AWFUL chandelier over the table) it really does feel like home. And I love it here! For Chad and I, both of whom are not the best sharers in the world, learning to share everything has been wonderful. I guess when youre all goo goo gah gah at one another is the time to learn. Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Ill be at the Hurricane Shrimp Boil tonight, so halla if youre up at the CHL.

Blogger is ridiculous and these are all out of order

emerill's got nothin on this

yes, we have a bike in the dining area and a skull mount on the table between crystal candlesticks. that's how the fusons roll

bathroom is still a work in progress, but i love our shower curtain. it's kindof little mermaid for grown-ups

Chad re-did this peice and it fits so nicely

a true labor of love. chad spent days reconfiguring this space for all of my things

our room

most comfy bed in the entire world

come visit! seriously. like now. do it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy Bee!

SO.....I i became an aunt, got married, went on the MOST fabulous honeymoon of all time, came back, went to the lake to celebrate America, bestie got engaged, came home, back to work, and about 150 wedding presents later, I think I might be finished! time to sit? doubt it. time to write about 400 thank you notes. oh well. i really am so thankful. sorry about the abandoned blog. i promise to add pictures of our little home tonight. missed you guys