Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Nighttime Bike Ride

Though it was actually a year ago tonight we were newly-wed, Chad and I have speent the last 5 days celebrating hardcore. We are so blessed to have access to Aunt B's beach house in Seaside and feel so thankful to get to spend time in this quaint little beach town. I have grown to love the various shops in Seaside over the past few years and literally can't get enough biking, shopping and eating while I'm down there escaping from the real world.

In typical Fuson fashion, Chad and I spent most of our trip eating our way down 30A. From lunches at the Wine Bar to our last night at Cfe 30A, I can honestly say, I had some of the best food I've ever eaten. I'll try not to get carried away, but I have to tell you that I discovered a "feta and cream cheese BLT" at the Wine Bar, and I am now obsessed. I also tried and loved oysters for the first time at Hurricane Oyster Bar and tasted the best crab cakes ever at Bud & Alleys. To burn off at least some of these delicious meals, we spent our days in the ocean and our nights riding bikes.

One night, on our way down to the pool, we rode by one of the many picture-perfect little Seaside families when we heard the most-hilarious mother/son conversation. Please try to imagine the squeel-ish shrill of the adorable 4 to 5-year-old little boy yelling this from the porch as his mother rode off on a bike leaving him with his brothers and sisters...

"MOMmmmmm! Should we go on a nightime bike ride?!?!"

His mother quickly shouted over her shoulder as she attempted to escape...

"No honey. I'm going to get your daddy something to drink."

Completely unphased, the little hyper-active baby model replied...

"MOMmmmmmm! Should I go with you?!?!"

By this point, Lance Armstrong couldnt have caught mom. Hilarious.

Don't ask me why, but repeating this got Chad and I tickled all week and also made us feel priviledged that yes, we could go on nighttime bike rides whenever we wanted.

Now for the pictures:

My computer is dying, but I might post more this week. Right now, though, I'm going to watch all 45 minutes of our wedding video. The first of many anniversary traditions. (I'm hoping the other ones all revolve around more beach trips :)

Being married to your best friend is the best thing ever.

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Emily said...

happy anniversary!! looks like yall had the best time ever!! and the cake looks delish!! :) i completely agree with your last true. xoxo