Saturday, August 27, 2011

164 Cottonwood Drive

For any of my college friends, you know why I am so excited not only about our new house, but about the address in general. Yep. The Fusons are finally into our new home! Today actually. The past few months have been a crazy ride of finding renters for our condo, moving out with a week's notice, moving to the Ruckart's in Mboro, the lakehouse in Smithville, back and forth back and forth, until we finally got the keys to out new digs yesterday. After hours and hours of painting over the most hideous paint colors a girl has ever seen, the movers are coming to load everything out of GranDan's garage and into our new home in about an hour. We are so pumped and so thankful for our families and friends who have been so helpful and generous over the past few weeks of homelessness. I am definitely feeling like a pretty blessed girl today.

Our new address, obviously, is 164 Cottonwood Drive in Franklin, and we would love visitors. I will post some before and after pictures when I find my camera charger somewhere in the abyss of our things. On Monday, we start our biggest project when my awesome contractor, Kady Day's Daddy, will come to start the demolition and renovation of the master bath. I'm so so excited. yay!

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